EQ101: More Success, More Joy, More Ease!

This Program will help you to be more productive, successful and happy by learning to master stress and overwhelm. This program is designed to put you back at the helm of your ship, ready to steer your course for success and happiness – with joy and ease!

Each week you will get an email from me with the suggestions for what to do.

There will be articles to read, presentations to listen to, things to write and suggestions to go and do.

When we have Emotional Intelligence everything works best: we feel more peaceful and happy inside, we think more clearly, relate better to others and have more energy, vitality and well-being.

I recommend you take a moment right now to commit in your heart to keep up with the program. After all you will probably never be as motivated to follow it as you are right now. So do your best to do a little each day and in 5 weeks your best friends will be asking: you looks so great… what have you done?

Feel free to jump ahead with any of the audio programs or meditations you are drawn to.

I wish you every success with joy and ease…

Nicholas de Castella